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Hello Parents,
Our website has been put together to show why our basketball program and coaching staff are so very proud of our local “PLAY SMARTER YOUTH” BASKETBALL TRAINING CLASSES.  
My staff and I have extensively traveled for many years, coaching and playing, to help us develop and prepare the knowledge needed to conduct such an outstanding youth co-ed training program.  You cannot find a better development training class anywhere.  (We guarantee it or your money back after the same day you enroll). 
All of our youth classes are in the San Gabriel Valley area; Temple City, San Gabriel and Alhambra.  All of our classes are co-ed. We start training children from age 6 years through high school athletes. The staff here at “PSB” is very proud of the results from our kids.  Our program has been training and developing local boys and girls for more than 30 years, and many of our kids have gone on to become outstanding athletes.  You will see good, steady results while your child is learning proper basketball skills from the very best possible coaching staff available. Your child will definitely love our staff and program!
If you have any interest in our training program or need further information, please call either
Coach Duke Xie (中文) 
(626) 321-2008
Coach Richard Marquis (English)
(626) 482-8267

Policy & Fees

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One time Registration Fee is $50/ per new student and a PSB basketball & T-shirt will be given on the first day of class.

Each renewing session is composed of 12 weeks/classes for each calendar quarter (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sept, and Oct-Dec).

The pricing will be $400(1st child), $300 (2nd child/sibling), $200 (3rd child/sibling) when paying in full at the beginning of each session. Pricing will be prorated as $35 (1st child), $25 (2nd child/sibling) and $20 (3rd child/sibling) per class/ week if not enrolled during the beginning of the session.

For example, 7 classes left in current session, for 1 new student, $35 x 7 weeks + 50 Registration = $295 or for 2 sibling students, ($35 + $25) x 7+100 Registration = $520  
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