International Travel and USA PSB Camps

Russia Professional League

Many of the stars of the WNBA travel during the summer to Moscow, Russia to play in their professional basketball league. Coach Marquis and Coach Kavaloski traveled with the girls to compete in Russia. 
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Coach Marquis and Mexico with Japan's National Team

Xiamen University in Fujian China

Marquis Coaching Korea University

Shodai University, Japan

Phillippines Team

Taiwan National Games

Super 8 Championship Games in Hong Kong, China

Super 8 Champions 

Marquis & Wei-Ping Coaching China's Junior Olympic Team and His PSB Youth Class

Coach Marquis was the first American (or international coach) to ever coach teams in foreign countries.  He was hired to train all the teams above and coach their university or national leveled teams in many countries. These are just a few of the teams he has coached.