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One of the biggest reasons that Coach Marquis became so involved with China basketball, was because of a good friend, Zhang Wei-Ping. Coach Wei-Ping is an ex-National Player that represented China for many years as an athlete and is still very much involved in the over-all development of China's current basketball program. Coach Marquis has coached and worked with him for several years on different occasions.  
During the summer of 2005, Coach Marquis and Wei-Ping again worked together training the entire China Basketball Association (CBA). This is China's version of our NBA League. They spent ten days together training all of their athletes and coaches. This helped build an outstanding long-lasting friendship. One of Coach Wei-Ping's position with China's Basketball Association is broadcasting all the major basketball events for China from around the world, including big NBA games, All-Star games, play-offs, and any other games of interest.
Coach's Views of Our Play Smarter Basketball's Travel Camps and Competitions
Traveling the world, coaching, and learning so much about basketball, I saw a need to share some of what I have learned from others in the sport of basketball. I have found that most countries look at the game a little differently than we do here in the U.S. Perhaps for several reasons, it could be because of the height of their athletes or just the way their culture looks at life or how much discipline is applied. Basketball, in my opinion, is the greatest sport or game in the world. It is also one of the healthiest sports you could play for fun; conditioning and the game can be enjoyed at so many different levels of play. People around the world play basketball as a recreational past-time sport to keep in shape, to release tensions, and it's also a lot of fun.
Because of all my basketball travels, I have now become a better student of the game and I look at the game a lot differently with a much broader view and understanding. I have now found that there are many outstanding coaches around the world, even if they do view the sport a little differently than I do. Playing the game differently certainly does not make other coaches wrong, but only different. In all my years, I thought I was a great coach, but now I realize that I was only looking at the game through a straw. I was missing the bigger picture and it takes everyone working together in harmony and with the best prepared athletes to reach the highest level of success. I also found out that it takes much more than just a good coach to make a great team. While traveling with my Play Smarter International Camps, coaches, and travel teams, I always come back home with a broader knowledge and a much better understanding of how and why people view and play the game differently than we teach here in the U.S. My Play Smarter Travel Camps have really helped me blend into other's style of play and I am trying to also share with them my philosophy of how I view basketball. 

Over the last few years, the game of basketball has made tremendous changes in a lot of areas. I believe it is because the world is getting smaller and now with foreign team travel opportunities, televised games, the Internet exposure, many great videos available over the Internet for sale, a lot of foreign coaches are learning more ways to coach the game. However, I also believe that one of the biggest reasons is because of the increased interest and popularity of the sport. Now with new bigger interests in basketball, we are finding smarter, younger, better international coaches who are bringing more enthusiasm and fresh ideas into the world of basketball. Today's athletes are getting bigger, better, stronger, faster, and with more advanced skills that is making basketball more exciting and a lot more fun to play and watch. This has also made it the most popular sport throughout the world. Basketball is no longer only a U.S.A dominated sport, and is now a world sport and will only get bigger and better all over the world. Just look at how many foreign players are now representing our NBA teams.

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