About Coaches Stefan Desnica and Sava Dukic

Assistant Coaches

These two young gentlemen have joined our staff and both are outstanding students and athletes at San Gabriel Academy, playing on their varsity basketball team. Both are from the country of Serbia and are here as international exchange students. They have been a great addition to our overall staff. In their country, they both were playing on a junior professional basketball team and wanted to get educated in the USA, so California became their new home. We are very fortunate to have these two young men help guide our younger students to reach their highest level of success in their development. Stefan (on the left) will be a senior this season and will move on to play college basketball somewhere in the USA. Sava (on the right) is 16 and a sophomore. He will be leading SGA's varsity team as their point guard and is also looking forward to playing basketball at the university level after he graduates high school.