About Coach Richard Marquis

In Coach Richard Marquis' early years, he worked with the NBA (National Basketball Association) for fourteen years. During this time, he also worked with the Los Angeles Lakers. Coach Marquis had the privilege to be the Video Analyst for former Head Coach Bill Sharman and the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers, all while working with the legendary announcer, Chick Hearn. During this time, several NBA teams asked him to develop and run a new NBA off-season development training league in California. With Coach Marquis as its league's president, the NBA Summer Pro League was officially established in 1971. The same program Coach Marquis developed is still being used. 
For the next fourteen years, the NBA Summer Pro League became a very popular and dominant California training program for NBA players and their league teams. Trainers, players, and referees continued to polish their skills.
With the help of the NBA, Adidas' Director Mr. Chris Severn, and The Molten Ball Company (Japan), Coach Marquis and his staff put together the best and largest boys and girls amateur youth basketball program ever located in the Southern California area.  This program was named, “The Olympic Development League”. It consisted of only the best junior and senior high school players, represented by both boys and girls from all over California. There was also a division featuring men and women's college age athletes representing most of the universities in California and many other universities from all throughout the USA. These leagues produced some of the biggest high school levels of competition ever in our country. As part of this program, our California kids challenged all-star teams from New York, Japan, the Philippines, Italy, and the Russian Junior Olympic Team. Still today, Coach Marquis continues to run his outstanding Play Smarter Basketball classes and camps in the San Gabriel Valley area.
Today, Coach Marquis still enjoys a very close working relationship with many of the NBA coaches, and their front office management personnel.