About Coach Duke Xie

PSB Director of China Operations and Local Classes

Coach Duke Xie has established himself as an outstanding student, graduating from two universities in China with a master's degree. He was also a fantastic college university basketball player at Xiamen University on the Xiamen Island in Fujian Province in Southern China. Duke went on to make the University World Games Team for two years, representing China in Turkey and in the Phillippine Islands.
While playing at Xiamen University in China, he was trained for one season by Coach Richard Marquis and developed a strong relationship with him. Coach Marquis gave him his current English name of "Duke", as Xie reminded him of the great U.S. actor, John Wayne, who was called "The Duke". Now, Duke is working with Coach Marquis in his Play Smarter International Basketball Camps. For the last couple of years, Duke has been responsible for designing and developing all of our program's sports related give-a-way products used in our local classes and International Basketball Camps.
"Coach Marquis runs a great coaches' and players' development program and I wanted to become a part of it," said Duke. When Duke is in the United States, he lived with Coach Marquis and his family. After working with Coach Marquis for the past six years as his camp assistant, Duke has now taken a major step and has moved up to become our program's local class director and the Director of China Operations, where he is currently working with Michael Ge from Zhengzhou City in the Henan Province in China. Duke's plans are to follow Coach Marquis as long as possible and learn as much as possible. He says, "I want to become a business person, successfully working in the sports field. I am really learning a lot from one of the best coaches in the game."