About Our Play Smarter Program

Our Play Smarter International and Local Basketball Camps and Classes were founded by Coach Richard Marquis many years ago. The Sporting News and many other publications have called these classes and camps "one of the best youth training basketball programs held throughout the West Coast and now around the world". These PSB camps have recently become very popular in many parts of Asia. We are spending a lot more time training teams, coaches, and individual athletes from Japan, Korea, and currently throughout Mainland China. For the past ten summers, Coach Richard Marquis and our staff have conducted travel camps and competitions in many different parts of Mainland China. Our staff plans to continue our summer trips into Asia during the next few years and most likely long into the future.
Our camps focus on many of the areas that are overlooked by other coaches and organizations. These crucial fundamentals of teaching are, in the opinion of Coach Marquis, the most important strategies in the game of basketball.  This allows our program the opportunity to train foreign teams and programs from other countries here in California, USA. Over the years, our program has hosted many foreign men and women's teams from China, Germany, Italy, Korea, Mexico, the Phillippines, Russia, South America, Spain, and Taiwan. All of our local classes are held on weekends, and our international classes are held on the weekdays in the USA year-round.
We are very proud of the success we have had from all of our different camps and classes. We have an outstanding coaching staff (second to none) that knows how and what to teach in order to accelerate our students' personal development.
We have an open door policy and welcome all foreign coaches' teams and individual players to California for training and learning in order to accelerate their teams or individual development.